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Cairns ENT Rooms
Cairns ENT Rooms

Cairns ENT Pty Ltd is Dr Philip Jumeaus’ specialist surgical practice established in Cairns in 2005. It is centrally located in Cairns at 207 Lake St between the Cairns Private Hospital and Cairns (public) Hospital behind Rydges Resort. Patients need to call to make an appointment, with or without a GP referral. There is some limited parking on-site.

Cairns Audiology Group Pty Ltd and Cairns Anaesthetic Group (Downstairs) are based at the same location.

Dr Jumeau works at Cairns public and private hospitals as well as at Monash Health in Melbourne, Victoria. When at Monash Dr Jumeau regularly has a locum (Dr Malcolm Baxter, FRACS, OAM) who comes up from Melbourne . Dr Baxter is a highly regarded ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon with a lifetime of experience in generalist ENT surgery, subspecialist laryngology (Immediate past president Laryngology Society of Australia) and a strong interest in rural and third world ENT surgery (Awarded Royal College Medal for this work and current surgical college head for overseas aid services/ Pacific Islands Project).

Visiting specialists to Cairns ENT include: Dr Eric Guazzo, Neurosurgeon (based in Townsville) who visits every fortnight and Dr Shane Anderson, ENT Surgeon who visits every couple of months from Townsville. Dr Anderson is a Specialist Otologist (Ear Surgeon) who performs cochlear implant surgery.

On consulting days at Cairns ENT a representative audiologist from Cairns Audiology Group is always present to perform formalised hearing tests. These are performed at no expense to the patient and allow a much more efficient and thorough assessment/ consultation process, especially in children. The rates of ear disease in tropical Far North Queensland are amongst the very highest in the country and constitute a large proportion of a local ENT surgeons work. Cairns Audiology Group are also able to offer a full onsite conventional hearing aid service as well as full post operative technical support for patients with Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) technology, implantable aid technology and cochlear implants. Custom ear plugs of various types are also available on site. (NOTE: These services are directly billed by Cairns Audiology Group and Cairns ENT Pty Ltd has no financially vested interest in the dispensing and aftercare of any hearing aid devices or custom ear plugs).